Floor Plans & Measurements

Beauty in the Details

Floor Plan of Space

Our wedding planning resources can answer questions for a number of your vendors. We divide our floor plan into 3 major sections for ease of reference. Dimensions are listed for each space and combined you can get the dimension for the main space as a whole.

Wedding planning resources showcasing colorful flowers sitting in a dark navy chair with a brick wall background.


Stair Railing:
Bottom segment 33″
Mid segment: 95″
Top segment 94″
Front Door: 4’3″ wide

High Boys (36″ Round):120″ Round
(select at least 132″ round for highboy if you want to tie TC and have feet of table covered)

Cake Table & Sweetheart Table
(48″ Round): 108″
60″ Round: 120″
6′ Rectangle: 90″x132″
8′ Rectangle: 90″ x156

Elevated Events Under the Historic

Add a touch of sophistication to your event with Temperance, our prohibition style event space under The Historic.