Event Planning Resources

Beauty in the Details

Floor Plans and Measurements

Our wedding planning resources can answer questions for a number of your vendors. We divide our floor plan into 3 major sections for ease of reference. Dimensions are listed for each space and combined you can get the dimension for the main space as a whole.

Wedding planning resources showcasing colorful flowers sitting in a dark navy chair with a brick wall background.
The Historic's Parking Map

Event Parking

Please see the map to the left for a guide on where to park on the day of Chattanooga wedding or event. Click the map to enlarge it or download it.

Keep Your Guests in the Loop

Make sure your guests know where to park! Download our Parking info QR Code and add it to your invites or wedding website for quick access to parking info.

Elevated Events Under the Historic

Add a touch of sophistication to your event with Temperance, our prohibition style event space under The Historic.